They did an amazing job on my husbands gift! I will definitely use them again!! 

Jessica Diehl

 Finally snagged a picture of the plaque Amy created for my best friend when her cat passed. Amy took my basic idea and turned it into a masterpiece. It has a beautiful home on my friend’s wall to remind her of her furry friend. Thanks Amy!! 

Sheri Hamburger

 Amazing craftsmanship!!!! 143more is so full of talent! Let them put your idea into ART!!! ❤ 

Sally Giguere Griffith

 Thanks to 143more for my amazing sign! 

Amy Sam

 Yet again 143more created the perfect little addition to the breakfast nook!!! 🦀 #shoplocal #lovemaryland #chesapeakebay #easternshoremd 

Stephanie Mozingo Cooke

 Just beautiful! I can’t believe how this looks exactly like my husbands handwriting 💖❤️ 

Teresa Zanelotti-Whitten

 If you want a fantastic piece of art that’s one of a kind and super special, for yourself or as a gift for another, then Daren & Amy Kennedy @ 143more are the ones you should talk to! I LOVE mine!! ❤️😊 (Jim Beam bourbon barrel lid with Amy’s hand drawn art and a picture that Daren laser engraved on wood.) 

Shelley Turner

 I still need to find a spot for this but so thankful for 143more for turning my grandmothers hand written Irish blessing that she wrote for me into this ♥️. 

Amanda Prince

 Thank you, 143more! Your bourbon barrel work is very detailed! Perfect! 

Traci Guice

 143more love love love this!! Thank you so much. 

Katie Rose

 Loving my new sign for my buyers and sellers to show off. Special thanks to 143more. If you haven’t already, go check out their Facebook page. 

Tina Coleman Brown

 I gave these wonderful people a 30+ year old recipe in my grandma’s handwriting. The ink had bled through on the other side in some spots, some words were faded or missing; but that didn’t stop them from working absolute magic to create this special gift for my mom. I ordered on Thursday and she had it on Monday (it would have been in time for Mother’s Day, but there was a minor snafu with the post office.. no one’s fault but mine for ordering so late!) I can’t thank Amy and Daren enough for going above and beyond to create this unique piece for my mom. There is nothing more special than a handwritten piece from a loved one that has passed, and she will have this to cherish forever. I cannot say thank you enough. Below is what my mom sent to her brothers, and forwarded to me. I didn’t get any pics of her reaction because we were very overcome with emotion (we’re saps😪.) Needless to say, she was pleased, and called me today to tell me she had found the perfect spot for it. 

Alexa Griffiths

 Over the past few weeks we have had reason to gift give, mask wear and celebrate. I wanted to spot light some of the people who made this all possible. The personal touches, the humor and the means of being something fun and yummy makes all the difference. Small businesses for the win! ( if i tagged you incorrectly or missed something feel free to edit it and add additional information) 

Michele Gould Pietila

 My GORGEOUS sign by Amy and Daren Kennedy of 143more! Plants from Shenandoah's Gate...or something like that... and planting those are what I did today before and after my neurological tests... the rest are photos from God 

Sally Giguere Griffin

 Kudos to Ruby's Cake Shoppe and Pastries for this beautiful and delicious cake for my daughter’s baby shower! And credit goes to 143more for the cake topper! ( Amy Mozingo Kennedy ) Everyone loved it! 🍼💙2️⃣9️⃣ 

Jennette Dunbar

 Great piece made by my sister and brother in law! Perfect addition to our bedroom! Thank you 143more! 

Lindsay Magee

 143more. Thank you so much for my key holder. It’s beautiful. Can’t take the Maryland outta the girl!!!! Everyone check out 143more, I’ve known Amy my entire life and she is crazy talented. Love you guys!! ❤️ 

Dawn Oswald

 Words can not express how this beautiful piece turn out made by 143more! It’s exactly what I wanted! Do yourself a favor and get your personal touch in something made just for you or a loved one! So many possibilities! Thank you Amy Mozingo Kennedy & Daren Kennedy ❤️. Love it!!! 

Jennette Dunbar

 143more Amy Mozingo Kennedy love, love, love them!! 

Katie Rose

 Amy Mozingo Kennedy thank you 143more for this amazing personalized gift. My mother in-law loves it! Fast, reliable service and GREAT communication. 

Loni Kennedy

 For Paul's Birthday this year, I gave him another skydive from Skydive Orange and these two BEAUTIFUL works of art from 143more. I can't wait to post pictures of his jump!!! 

Sally Giguere Griffin

 Another amazing piece by 143more! Made for my mom, Wanda Dunbar to cheer her up. She teared up when she opened it. So special. ❤️❤️❤️ 

Jennette Dunbar

 Thank you Amy & Darren at @143more!! It's beautiful! Just love it!! My experience with this company was pleasant from beginning to end. Amy was so production and delivery! Please visit their page, and place your order(s) today!! 5 👍👍👍👍👍 

Linda Smith

 Sonogram picture on wood done by Amy Mozingo Kennedy of 143 More Honeycomb shelf was made by my fatherinlaw (great granddad of this baby), flowers by Monterey Farms Amy Wilkins Cookies I believe were made by Amy Clough lots of love went into this shower... by many family members and friends! Lucky Baby Leeson ~ Hali Leeson Tim Leeson 

Amy Swann Clopper

 One of my all time favorite gifts from the holidays! I mean 143more killed it! PAALEASE, you have to do yourselves a favor and go check out all the awesome personalized gifts they are starting this new year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father Day, Birthdays... ALLLL THE DAYS! #maddierose 

Stephanie Mozingo Cooke

 Over the past few weeks we have had reason to gift give, mask wear and celebrate. I wanted to spot light some of the people who made this all possible. The personal touches, the humor and the means of being something fun and yummy makes all the difference. Small businesses for the win! 

Michele Gould Pietila

 Thank you SO much for making Marcia Metzgar’s Mother’s Day amazing. Your company caters 100% to the customer and making sure they are happy. Thank you so very much. 

Angela Huff

 I received two special gifts today made by 143more. My kiddos had this made with their signatures and my awesome neighbors made this pic of my grandfather and me. 

Tina Coleman Brown

 143more once again thank you for another awesome piece!! 

Kenneth Jolley Jr.

 143more this turned out amazing thank you so much!! 

Kenneth Jolley Jr.

 Beyond what I had imagined. She transformed one of my favorite childhood memories into a visual piece of art to share for a long time. Thank you beyond words, Thank you . 

Michele Gould Pietila

 Having something to see everyday from someone that means so much does something to your heart. This isn’t my first order and I’m sure won’t be last. After understanding the process and the skill it takes to pull the words from a card or a letter and clean it up... I know this was no easy task. Thank you for such special gifts to these guys from their mom who passed away in 2014. 💕 

Katie Rose

 Getting some closing gifts together for my clients who are settling on their new homes this April!!! Thank you to 143more for the custom work!!! They look amazing!!! #RealtorLife 

Joshua L Alexander

 143more Came through again! 🥰 I had a vision and they made it happen. My photo wall is almost complete. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ #shoplocalbuylocal 

Megan Hans Harrington

 Well I suppose it is now... 

Kelly Lewis

 See attached for testimonial. 

Megan Hans Harrington

 Thanks so much for making two of these for my sister-in-laws. They mean so much to the both of them and are the perfect gift 💗 

Shannon Barricklow

 This is the result of telling an artist that you want a plaque of a Dragonfly because you love Dragonflies.. leaving the design up to her, and she totally hits it out of the park!!! This picture doesn't do it justice and talent is an understatement. Amy Mozingo Kennedy 

Katie Rose

 I pick this beauty up on Wednesday and can’t wait to hang in my dining room Many thanks to Amy owner of 143more These are my vintage dishes I collect all 6 of the original colors and some of my favorite pieces 

Amy Swann Clopper

 How amazing is this??? Right down to his spit bubble (which I love) !! This is one of my favorite pictures of my boy and @143more nailed it with so much love!! 

Katie Rose

 Great gift for my grandparents! They loved it! Smithpoint Lighthouse 

Lindsay Magee

 I received a special gift from 143more, it was an amazing order and perfect. They were very fast and the quality of the work is amazing. So kind and easy to work with. They have huge hearts and would highly recommend them. It is my Step dads signature and his last ekg before he was taken off life support. Thank you so so much for this amazing keepsake. 

April Moore

 Our wedding guest book❤ This piece made by 143more is absolutely stunning! It definitely made a statement at our wedding. I'm not a fan of having a book signed by loved ones to store in a closet somewhere, this proudly hangs in my living room amongst my family pictures. Zoom in and pay attention to the small details added. Our last name in the tree, the love birds in the heart shaped tree limbs. It's perfect. Thank you Amy and Darren we love it so much!! 

Misty White

 Amy and Daren knocked this project out of the park! Thanks for helping me with this gift for a friends retirement. 

Chuck Guice

 Daren and Amy are AMAZING! The work they do is second to none and done in a great time frame! I highly recommend them to anyone! Hubby lived this they made for him! The details are unreal!! 

Joy Sponaugle

 Enjoying my gift so much! Amy is so gifted! Check out her amazing work! 

Jennette Dunbar

 Thank you Amy for your beautiful work! Everything turned out great for our son’s rehearsal dinner! 💕 

Stephen-Melanie Pearson